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321 Slammer

This is a private Club for MEN and one of our favourite place where we like to go and have LOT of FUN!!!
We bring there all of our piggies guests!!!
They have public and private play areas: Rooms, slings, fuck benches, glory holes, dark room, and big round sofa where all the bottoms sit and wait for their tops!
Free pool table, outdoor patio, indoor fireplace, lounge areas, lockers, showers and
bar (but they sell water/sodas ecc.).
For info ask us or visit:



Fornication Party
By Ray Dalton


This party is WILD! It's the best sex MEN party in FL!!
They have live DJ playing, Pornstar Performers ready to play with the crowd, they provide LUBE, food, open bar (but TIP the bartender!!!) and they donate 15% to local charities! 


Message from our friend Ray Dalton:
"We are a space where MEN gather to play without SHAME or FEAR or being JUDGED for being our authentic SELVES."

Fornication is a space where respect and acceptance are the norm and the bedrock on which we exist as individuals and furthermore as a group.

For info ask us or visit:

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